About Keanan's Family Walk


Keanan's Family Walk invites our family, friends and local residents to join us for a walk to commemorate Keanan Allin Boston.

This walk is held for families to come together to spend time outside and to celebrate Keanan's birthday. Our little joker's birthday is April 1st and we hold his annual walk on the weekend closest to his birthday. 

Donations to Early ON Child and Family Centre, Alliston are welcomed but not required to participate.  

To make a donation in Keanan's honour, please contact the Early ON Child and Family Centre, Alliston at:
13 Wellington Street West
Alliston, ON L9R 1J3
(705) 435-4308

AED Unit Unveiling

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Tottenham Community Centre towards Fraser Avenue to Hammell Boulevard over to Laverock Street then back along Queen Street to the Community Centre.

1.6 KM

Total Distance

Safe For Families

The route is on cleared sidewalks.

2019 Promotional Video

Watch what local residents and Early ON visitors have to say about our initiative!

Heads or Tails

You Could Win $200!

Will it be Heads or Tails?

On March 30th as part of Keanan’s Family Walk, join us in a fun interactive game of Heads or Tails. The Winner will receive a cash prize of $200 sponsored by The Butcher Team!

How to Play:

To guess HEADS, participants place their hands on their head.

To guess TAILS, participants place their hands on their backside.

We flip a coin to determine HEADS or TAILS. If you guessed correctly, you stay in the game! If you guess incorrectly, you have the option to buy back in anytime during the game!

$10 per adult to play

$2 per kid to play

Buy-back-in option for any age is $2 per person

Heads or Tails will be a perfect start of the day before we head out for our walk!

A SPECIAL THANK YOU goes to Butcher Team Real Estate Group for your support! Please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrvZaFa5EY4 to learn about The Smarter Way to Sell Your Home

WINNER - Steven Mercer


2019 Sponsors


2018 Promotional Video

Our goal is to raise $1,200 to help provide healthy snacks to children at the Alliston Early ON Child and Family Centre. Watch this video to find out how you can support!

2018 Sponsors


Support The Early ON Child and Family Centre, Alliston

Special thanks to The Butcher Team for creating this wonderful video in 2017 to promote Keanan's Family Walk and to support the Early ON Child and Family Centre, Alliston.